Friday, June 28, 2013

Five For Friday

Wow! It's already Friday. That means it's time for Five for Friday.

This week has been a new experience for me as a mommy. We finally let Sweet Pea, who just turned 6, go on a trip with out us. She's visiting her grandma. I know she is safe and having fun, but boy do I miss her!
Sweat Pea surprised me this week. She has always been terrified of bugs. She will come running in from the playground set outside screaming because a fly got too close. So, it was a big surprise when my mom sent me photos of her collecting insects. Apparently, they had an entomologist visit vacation bible school and the real-life learning experience was so much fun she got over her fear of bugs. At least some of least for now... Seeing those pictures of her listening to the entomologist and engaging in some fun, hands-on learning reminded me how powerful fun learning experiences can be.

Back at home, I've been working hard to get my desk organized. I really want to focus more on blogging and that requires a good work space. I'm blessed with a sweet husband who made me a desk and installed some hanging magazine racks for me. I use the racks to hold my binders and file folders. I love how cheerful they are.

Speaking of focusing on blogging, I want to share two great resources with you. The first is this excellent post about how to harness the power of Pinterest by Debbie Clement. I've been following her suggestions and really seen a difference. You can read her post here. The second is Teaching Blog Traffic School by Charity Preston. When I started blogging, I knew pretty much nothing about blogging and I am still learning. Teaching Blog Traffic School has walked me through from the very start and is still a source I rely on to gain new knowledge and grow. Check out this amazing program here.

Teaching Blog Traffic School

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Finally, I wanted to throw in a freebie in honor of my daughter's fun learning experience with insects at vacation bible school. So, here is a cute writing set about insects. Just click on the picture to download it.
More Freebies!

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