Wednesday, July 3, 2013

10 Fun and Easy July Crafts

Kids need opportunities to be creative and most children love crafts. So, I've decided to share 10 ideas for kid friendly crafts once a month and I'm starting with July.
1. Paper Lantern Fold construction paper hot dog style. Cut strips from the fold going until 1" from the edges. Unfold it. Glue the edges to make a cylinder.  Add a handle and decorate.

2. Place Mat Use 2 sheets of paper. Cut both into strips (one page of long strips & one of short). Weave the strips together. Trim edges, decorate if desired, and then laminate it.

3. Bracelet Get beads and elastic string. Thread the beads. Check the length and tie the ends together.

4. Headdress Cut straws into small sections. Thread them on a ribbon. Tie the ends together to make a circle. Tie some ribbons onto the back and curl the ribbons.
5. Windsock Using a hole-punch make holes around the top edge of a plastic cup. Tie ribbons in the holes and curl them. Hot glue a loop of ribbon to the bottom of the cup. Hang it upside down.

6. Wreath Cut small squares of construction paper. Glue them in a circle. (A paper plate with the middle cut out makes a good base.) Add stickers.

7. Puppet Cut out a large star, 2 long strips, and 2 short strips of construction paper. Fold the strips accordion style. Glue them on the back of the star. Cut out hands and feet and glue them on the front of the strips. Decorate and tape to a stick.
8. Painting Use star shaped cookie cutters to stamp with red and blue paint. You can also use straws to drop paint onto the paper and blow it into interesting shapes.

9. Stars Each star takes 5 plastic, bendy straws. Cut a slit down the shorter section of the straw. Slip that section inside of the longer section of the next straw. Repeat until all 5 are connected. Bend into a star shape, gluing straws if needed, and connect the ends. Add ribbon and hang.

10. Wand Cut several long pieces of ribbon. Tie them together in the middle. Insert the knot into the end of a straw. Add a paper star in front of the straw and one behind it. Staple the stars and ribbon securely to the straw. Curl the ribbon.

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